Design Tip: Making Photos Match

These product images – while all good – do not match because
of different lighting.

Ask any photographer, the only real way to make all your product photos match is to shoot them all at the same time. This will give you the best chance at consistent camera angle, shadows, and highlights.

However, if you know you will need to shoot products on different dates, whether you’re the photographer or art director, take these precautions before you break down the set from your first session:

  • Make a note of the camera height and angle.
  • Record camera f-stop or any other camera readings available.
  • Mark the floor with tape where your camera tripod and strobe stands were.
  • Do the same for product placement on the table or floor.
  • Take notes or make a drawing of the positioning of strobes, bounce boards, reflectors.

Besides a consistent look, shooting all your products at one time goes faster, saving you time, and ultimately money.