Design Tip: Show Me the Proof!

The road to print success is paved with pitfalls. So many proofs, so little time. But don’t skip any steps or that road may be paved with unusable printed materials.

The blueprint for successfully reviewing your printers proof’s:
Print and keep a final, approved color laser print.
Compare that laser print to the proof your printer provides. Make sure each line of text runs exactly as it does on your laser print – line-for-line.
Check every logo and image to verify they are complete and edges have not been clipped off.
Assuming that you started with accurate color images, review for color.
It’s always a good idea to have a second or even third person review the proofs.
If all looks good, sign-off and let your printer take it from there. If you find any errors, discuss them with your printer, make any necessary changes and see a revised proof.
Attending a press check to see the job run is always a good idea to insure printing success and provide peace of mind.