Apple sues Samsung, what is this all about??

We’ve read multiple pages about apple’s suit, and there is some confusion as to what the suit is about. Is Apple really suing other tablet makers? No. After reading the suit, here are the main points, and why apple feels their patent’s have been violated.

1) Slide lock interface to open phone. A UI element designed by apple, used by android HTC phones.
2) power management of digital camera devices.
3) the movement of objects between interface elements (IE guessture based, and animation style/feel)
4) The heuristics of the interface and the way the graphics interact with touch screens (view based development and interface sensibility)
5) List scrolling, scaling, and rotation on a touch screen device (rotating screen, patented by apple)
6) automated response and sensing of user activity in portable devices (IE phone screen turns off when held and touched to face)
7) GMSK signal processors for communications
8) conserving power according to processor
9) Object oriented graphic system (IE look of phone screen and apps : square app buttons)
10) Object Oriented event notification with listener registration.

How do you feel about Apple’s suit? Do you think it’s fair? Or is it just a way for Apple to kill the competition?