Converting Flash Into Mobile/Tablet Ready Javascript

iPhone & iPad's cannot display Flash!

Flash is a great tool. It can create visually stunning and compelling animations, Rich Internet Applications, games and more. 5-10 years ago Flash was the go to choice for designers on the web. But as we all know, the web is changing, constantly being updated, and always growing. In recent years it’s come to our attention that Flash no longer works on all platforms. Specifically, Flash is unable to render in iOS, iPhones, and iPads. This is a huge drawback for anyone who has previously had their website built in Flash. But don’t worry! Javascript and jQuery can replace your Flash components and still make your website dynamic, animated, and feature rich. In fact, Apple recommends using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to handle that load.┬áIn today’s web world you can’t afford to miss out on 20-30% of the smart phone and tablet market. More people are buying and using them everyday.

If your interested in having your Flash website or animation converted to javascript, just let us know!