Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus…What’s REALLY the difference?

Ok, so we’ve all heard about Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. There is much confusion though about what exactly the difference is between the social sites and how their uses are different. Below we’ve outlined what we consider the major uses and differences between the social sites. We hope this helps with the confusion!

Twitter IconTwitter:

  • Emphasizes content
  • More of a microblog for sharing information and links.
  • More “business and media” oriented…Example: celebrity pages, news outlets, etc.
  • Used more for a “quick” share of information
  • Information is shared and you choose what you want to see with no obligation for them to follow you back
  • Utilizes hash tags for more keyword friendly searching.
  • More likely to find links and news, more likely to follow brands, news sources and other entities outside of your social graph.
  • Twitter has “characteristics of news media” rather than characteristics of a social network.
  • Twitter has character limits for posts.
  • Twitter stream is completely public
  • Over 300 million users

facebook iconFacebook:

  • Emphasizes profiles and people
  • Social network for connecting to friends and family
  • Allows sharing pictures, memes, statuses, links, etc.
  • More personalization of a “profile” by adding wall tabs, and organizing the way your information is seen.
  • More likely to post personal issues, happy birthday wishes, gossip about a changed Facebook relationship status, and postings about parties on your Facebook News Feed.
  • Facebook has character limits on posts
  • Sharing on facebook goes to everyone of your friends, unless targeted “lists” are created.
  • Over 800 million users

Google IconGoogle Plus:

  • Emphasizes targeted sharing among peers
  • The overall goal is not just to communicate with close friends and family.
  • Facilitates the process of information sharing
  • Offers more control of information and allows sharing to targeted groups, and deciding whether its public or shared to a certain “circle.”
  • Google+ has no character limit for posts
  • Google+ affects search, search results become customized and matched against your profile
  • Over 100 million users

youtube iconYouTube:

  • Emphasizes video content and sharing
  • Centers around video content
  • Allows tagging similar to hashtags for keyword searching
  • Allows customized channel creation and private/public sharing
  • Allows people to comment on your videos
  • Allows a description and the ability to customize text over video for micro linking/sharing information corresponding to the video frame
  • Allows slideshow creation and customization
  • Enables the user to embed videos on their site