Planning: Key to success in video production

//Planning: Key to success in video production

Leinicke Group juggled 2 horses, 1 ATV, 1 actor, and 2 locations to create 9 new product demonstration videos for Gordon’s USA.

The biggest trick was shooting all 9 videos in the 2-day allotted shoot schedule when our client could attend. The answer? Shoot scenes out of chronological order (just like in the movies!). Planning and coordination are required from concept and script development all the way through prop acquisition to efficiently shoot scenes for different products at multiple locations. But good scripts along with careful prop selections and our focused production team wrapped the shoot within our 20-hour, 2-day schedule!

Raw video clips were then carefully organized, edited, and combined with script voiceover audio by our post-production editor to complete each of the 9 two-minute videos for posting online to our client’s corporate sites.

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