What’s Up With Flat Design?

In our connected culture, we are constantly evaluating and filtering what is and what is not relevant to us as we scan our monitors and mobile devices filled with dimensional graphics demanding our attention. We become fascinated by apps and interactivity. It can be visually overwhelming. Enter flat design.

“Flat design” in simple terms is the return of simple, flat and typographical design, without textured, beveled and dimensional effects.

Creatively, flat design relies on simplicity in presenting information. Look at the popularity of infographics for example. They are capable of squeezing loads of information into an organized space without distractions.

Functionally, smaller and thinner type can be presented with greater clarity and readability on mobile devices. These simpler graphics also render faster in our wired world where fast load times are so important.

For years designers have been creating more elaborate graphics to grab attention. Creative minds armed with sophisticated software have been churning out polished graphics that create real depth for web and mobile screens.

Have we oversaturated the graphics environment with careful embellishments? Even the most basic of softwares provide the ability to apply pre-made drop shadows, glows, color gradients, bevels, etc. with elementary ease.

Flat design is trending, but is most applicable only when it fits your brand or marketing message.