What is Your Type’s Face?

With literally a world of typefaces at our finger tips, we still sometimes struggle to find just the right one. Without ever reading a word, a typeface sets the stage. From formal to playful, corporate to casual, threatening to whimsical, to the downright unreadable, there is a typeface for every expression. However, selecting the right one for the occasion can be a challenge.

Taking that to another level, we need to understand how typefaces work together. Or do they? Two very different fonts may complement each other and work together, such as Arial Bold and Times. While two very similar fonts, Arial and News Gothic, will not since their subtle structural differences will be hard to detect and be interpreted as a mistake. So font selection is critical.

Which leads us to type design, an often overlooked graphic treatment. A good graphic designer is capable of creating type designs that add another dimension of interest to their work. Great program, event, and company logos often typify great type design.

Consider our infographic a guide to your type’s face.