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A three-part direct mail program for UniGroup Worldwide UTS, the international moving division of UniGroup, Inc. The "On Track, On Time, On Budget" theme describes the benefits of the global [...]

Energizer Max Ad

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Pre-designed templates have helped streamline efforts for on-going Energizer ads. The basic template design utilizes a pre-approved headline and a background of the branded color that incorporates images appropriate to [...]

Property Tax Analysts

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Integrating finance and heavy industry, with a generous coverage of silver ink in their logo, brochure, stationery and web design, resulted in a successful identity for Property Tax Analysts.

NJCSA Brochure

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We used three pictures to create one image to support the headline “Picture this!”. The target market is a young professional, who can take classes on-line, and can work from [...]

Missouri Valley Tournament

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An Arch Madness Fan Guide was designed for visiting fans of the NCAA Women's Final Four Basketball Tournament that was played in St. Louis. The brochure, created for the Tournament [...]