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Vandover TalentMobility

2017-03-20T14:14:46+00:00 December 7th, 2010|

Leinicke Group produced Vandover's web commercial for use on their TalentMobility website. We used dynamic text, combined with a professional soundtrack to create a visually appealing web commercial.

Is Anybody Out There?

2017-03-20T14:15:03+00:00 November 2nd, 2010|

Sure, your website is solid. But does anybody visit your site? If so, who are they, and what are they doing there? Analytics are critical to the success of any [...]

Our Latest Bling, Part 2

2017-03-20T14:15:22+00:00 October 11th, 2010|

Last week Leinicke Group won 6 awards in the Business Marketing Association's 2010 Targeted Advertising and Marketing (TAM) Awards. Thanks to our clients Kristen Foth and Debbie Kenny for joining [...]

SCRUBS Packaging

2017-03-20T14:16:03+00:00 October 5th, 2010|

A redesigned packaging theme for the commercial line of SCRUBS® Wipes cleaning towels utilized a bold, consistent placement of the “SCRUBS” logo and graphic illustration of a “wiping towel”. Unique [...]